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Career As A Ramp Service Personnel

Airport Ramp Agents are sometimes known as fleet service agents, clerks or baggage handlers. Agents load and unload suitcases, luggage and cargo from aircraft and transportation hubs. The airline industry is labor intensive and needs people working in many different areas and performing a wide variety of tasks. Airports and Airlines need employees to load, […]

Be Paid To Travel And Experience Diverse Cultures

Do you dream of travelling the world to experience diverse cultures and work at the same time?Nothing is more fascinating than a work and travel job, the world becomes your office, you also get to learn and appreciate the mysteries of the world and the beauty in its diversity. There are great cultural exchange jobs, […]

Career Insight In To Aviation Safety System

Safety is of utmost importance in the Aviation industry because the risk is life-threatening, that is why Safety Management System has become a standard in the industry all over the world. Safety management is about safety decision-making throughout the organisation. The Aviation industry is evolving everyday, Technology and System Improvements have contributed greatly to Safety, […]

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